Are you waiting for your ducks?

Have you ever felt like you are not ready to do the things you are meant to do? Jumping in and starting imperfectly is better than not starting at all. Sure you may have bumps in the road but life is a more pleasant adventure when you are living your passion. And you could always benefit from blogging or vlogging those bumps in the road, therefore, monetizing your journey as well.

Ask me about free vlogging and blogging platforms to start your journey.

Are you waiting for your ducks?

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2 Replies to “Are you waiting for your ducks?”

    1. Hi Corky! Merry Christmas! Sorry just saw this, sure this idea is not new. Done is better than perfect. I just painted a shelf today, it wasn’t perfect but it’s done and it looks perfect to me: 🙂 Learn and implement. Ray Hidgon teaches ILT. (I)Invest time and or money to (L)learn something. Then (T)teach it. You can always link your source or even better offer to send interested parties your source(s) and that will open doors to relationships. Like Tissa teaches also edification is a big door opener for relationship building. (I got the duck picture from Canva and the quote somewhere else online don’t remember where.)

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