Have you ever eaten any part of dandelions?

Did you know you could eat every part of the dandelion from the flower top to the roots? Well you can!

The leaves are best when picked young before the plant flowers because that’s when they’re not as bitter. The older leaves can be boil for five minutes and then sautéed to be eaten with your favorite dish. Cooking them makes them less bitter.

The flower heads can be eaten raw or breaded and fried.

The dandelion root is chock-full of inulin which is great for gut health. You can add it to any recipe that calls for root vegetables like a stew. You can also dry it then roast it and use it as an alternative for coffee.

Have you tried any of these? Let me know. So far I have only use them in herbal supplements and young leaves as salad. Since I found out the roots are a great source of inulin I am going to be eating those too.

Beautiful fields of them right now. Make you harvest them away from trails and pesticides.

Have you ever eaten any part of dandelions?

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