How Much Water is Enough?

Sometimes we need a reminder. You really shouldn’t wait till you are thirsty to drink water. I know when I am traveling I tend to be bad about drinking enough water. Unfortunately, more pit stops are healthier than avoiding hydration. So how much should you drink?

Check your pee, if it is not clear you are probably not drinking enough water. Dark urine is not a good sign. Though we have varied needs you should aim at drinking about 1/2 your body weight in ounces ie 75 ounces for someone 150 lbs. Don’t drink more than 100 ounces no matter your weight as too much water can disrupt your nutritional balance and do more harm than good. Here is what WebMD says about drinking water.

Adding high water content foods like celery and melons can help you hydrate too. Make sure to add plenty of veggies to your diet to hydrate and add important phytonutrients.

It doesn’t have to be all water. The liquid is what’s important but today’s standard American diet is filled with bad choices that can dehydrate you or make you hungry or worse. The best is to stick with water and get your calories from other sources.

If you have a hard time drinking water try infusing the water with fruit or veggies. Stay away from sugary and/or caffeinated drinks too as they are dehydrating. Be careful of diet drinks too. Use natural low-glycemic sweeteners in moderation.

Drinking water is something I wasn’t taught to do at a young age. I had to learn it on my own. We used to drink kool-aid and other flavored drinks too. Do you remember feeling thirsty still after drinking those sugary drinks? I do.  I have since discovered that I love water especially on hot days like today but sometimes I still like to flavor my water with natural herbal options.

You may want to do like me and add one of these other natural flavors like a little unsweetened chlorophyll as I did on one of my TikTok videos. It’s *my favorite chlorophyll which also has mint added to it. I love how it supports detoxification and gut health while adding flavor to my water.

To see the TikTok click the link below. Remember, you can get “too much of good thing” including too much water so don’t use an inordinate amount of chlorophyll either, follow guidelines.

I smell sweet now – watch on my TikTok

* Try my favorite chlorophyll. (I do get an affiliate income if you purchase but you as a new customer will get 25% off. Discount code is tagged in link) Message me for more info or click the image to go to the chlorophyll info page.

liquid chlorophyll added to water
try liquid chlorophyll

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