Super Affiliate Tip For 2022

2021 was a roller coaster year! I became a founder of an incredible platform described in the video below and I had a massive heart attack! Thank God I survived and will hopefully touch the lives of many more people who cross my path.

One of the ways I hope to touch lives is with the below-described platform. I will let my friend and software developer Tissa Godavitarne tell it to you best. Watch the video to listen to his 21 years of affiliate marketing experience and a great tip.

Many will use this easy platform to monetize their passion. Some of you may want to take it a step further if you love affiliate marketing and offering value to your following. Message me if this is you and you would like to also be a reseller.

If you simply want to start blogging your passion message me to see about a free tour.

Thank you, Tissa for all you do!

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